Friday, 24 August 2012

JACKSON invasion

So I admit it, I haven't exactly kept up my end of the deal with the whole weekly blog post thing.. Let's just say it was a tad unrealistic. 

Anyway, for those that don't know - I have been assisting Annie & Peter O'Brien in the launch of their new & exciting JACKSON Café, Gallery & Event space in North Carlton... Consisting of 5 key elements:

Serving Segafredo Zanetti Tik Tak coffee which has a rich aroma, and full bodied, smooth taste. Plus, T2 Loose Leaf Specialty Teas.

The menu features mouth watering breakfast staples such as sweet & savory muffins; the 'Chef's Breakfast' - free range organic eggs (poached), Sourdough or Spelt toast, organic middle rasher bacon or butcher made spicy pork & red wine continental sausage (mild or hot), cherry tomatoes, caramelised onion, & wilted spinach; through to scrumptious cakes & slices - which are prepared from scratch, and do not use any artificial ingredients or flavoring!

Run out of time? Need a quick, healthy meal for the family or just yourself? Come in and buy one of their Gourmet Ready Meals - Mediterranean inspired vegetarian take-away. Using only the freshest ingredients, and supporting local suppliers.

Jackson Café & Gallery seek out and display unique artworks from up and coming and established artists. A variety of mediums are welcomed - from paintings, sculptures, through to industrial design...

Wall space consists of the café - featuring large unobscured front windows facing onto vibrant Rathdowne Street – providing 24hr exposure, flowing through to the high ceiling, and glorious open fire of the private dining room. Upstairs is the dedicated gallery space with 3 main rooms, plus vestibule.  For the warmer months, the fully enclosed rear courtyard with its ‘evergreen’ grass & climbing jasmine is a perfect place for open-air films & ‘moving’ media - and of course the entire facility is available for event hire – thus, further exposure of artists works

Jackson Café & Gallery can arrange a special, intimate function in their gallery space, café or courtyard.

From breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea meetings to intimate family gatherings, birthday, engagements and small wedding functions.

Jackson Café & Gallery offers exclusive use for functions and weddings (conditions applicable)

Dinner functions: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday nights available
Standing cocktail party: up to 100 people
Sitting: please contact Peter or Annie to discuss your requirements

The Jackson boardroom is bright & engaging. Equipped with a data projector, and access to excellent AV hire rates. It comfortably seats 10 – 15 people and can be serviced with tasty snacks and freshly brewed coffee and tea from their café.

Jackson Gallery Shop offers a unique range of gifts including
Red Phoenix Emporium jewellery, accessories and homewares. 

Needless to say, life has been a blur of ideas & creativity. Honestly enjoying every moment of the process so far, with lots of learnings along the way. 

Drop past for coffee anytime to see the results thus far! It's certainly been a family affair...

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 ** Thanks to JJO'Brien for your awesome photos

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Time - where for art thou?


Why hast thou forsaken me???

Like a lot of people I am sure, it genuinely feels that somehow life has been cranked to the 'turbo-warp' speed setting. I don't really know when this happened exactly, but I swear the last time I checked my watch it was 10.32am on 23rd June 2009. 

This week (9.09am on 21st June to be exact) we celebrated the Winter Solstice - which for those who are not familiar, the Winter Solstic is where the south pole is tilted away from the sun. The sun runs a path that is north of its usual trajectory - so it rises north of east, and sets north of west... And more to the point, it is usually THE shortest day of the year!!!! 

So there.. I was right - time is shorter by definition at the moment. So how the hell am I supposed to get everything done?

For kicks I just completed an online Time Management Quiz that is supposed to help me identify the aspects of time management that I need the most help with... 

I scored a '35' - which apparently means "I am good at some things, but there is room for improvement (well duh!). Also I need to focus on the serious issues, and I will most likely find that work becomes much less stressful"...sure! no worries!

So I really need to do the following:
  • Understand what I can realistically achieve with my time - I cannot always be superwoman, no matter how hard I try. 

  • Plan to make the best use of my time available - do not get sucked in to Pinterest, Facebook, or rando websites. 

  • Leave enough time for the things I must absolutely do - such as reading the next 50 Shades book, buying those boots I saw at Ooshka, get replacement giant snail for fishtank (poor Raphael went to god this week), Ooh and running my insanely busy household... All of it is something I must absolutely do!!! FYI in the spirit of time management, I just sent my ironing off with my gorgeous little Afghani man. He comes to my house, collects it, then returns it on mismatched hangers so it looks like I did it myself to my husband!! Shhhhh!!! Don't tell on me... 

  • Preserve contingency time to handle 'the unexpected' - Yes, this is certainly an area I need to work on. I am learning to be adaptable. I like to organise things down to the last detail so it really throws me when 'the unexpected' Tom not following his usual 1 morning poo schedule, and being caught out without replacement nappies at a cafe! 

  • Minimise stress by avoiding over-commitment to yourself & others - well that is very hard at the moment, as my bloody iphone, iMac, and iCloud whatever else it's called - have clearly had a barney and are not talking to one another**  Thus, I am double booking myself & family left, right centre.Bring back the filofax, I say!  
 **Note to self.. Need to schedule an 'iMake up and start synching biatches' meeting with forementioned parties, pronto!

All of the above points seem reasonable. It really boils down to me creating a prioritised list, a schedule by which I can achieve my personal goals & supports my overall outcome. Create that winning combination of work & life in complete balance... yadda, yadda, yadda... 

But really who's got time?



Monday, 11 June 2012

The time has come...

Tuesday 12th June, 2012

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Well as the poem suggests, the time has come for me to begin my foray into this ever popular 'blog-o-sphere'... and in many ways, the rambling subject matter of the poem above is pretty much an indication of my blog. I can guess that it will cover many aspects of my life from what I enjoy & appreciate; what I aspire to being/creating, through to what I envy! Perhaps it will be a platform for me to ask pertinent questions... or perhaps it will just be an excuse to write full stop. 

Whatever the reason, I will embrace it & rejoice. 

On this, the first day of my 31st year on this planet, I am quietly taking stock of what it is that I have achieved thus far. I am impressed with my growing list of accomplishments:

  • World travel - Yes, but still so many places to go. 
  • Marriage - Yes, three beautiful/colourful/wondrous years in February 2013
  • Family - Yes, a teenage step-daughter, a fluffy son & an 18mth non-fluffy son
  • House - Yes, gutted & renovated. Still so many finishing touches to do
  • Career - ah... well yes, that is an interesting one...
But did you just read the above list and say "Yeah, great - but what else is there?"

Me too... What else is there? 

Well for me, the topic of 'Career' is under review. I feel now is the time to branch out. Expand. Be creative. So with that comes a collaboration with one of the smartest women I know, Amy Mitchell - of whom, I have been fortunate enough to form a friendship that surpassed 'entry-level friendship' and has happily nestled itself in into its 'life-long friendship' title with a heartwarming glow. We never actually went to school together - but as it so happens, we are from the same school of thought.

Together we plan to take over the world.. well maybe not the entire world - that'd just be greedy!!

Henceforth, I shall document our adventures in our new, creative, & 'world-taking-over' new business - THE SAGE FOX

Oh, and I will de temps en temps change tact and go on a rambling subject matter journey - so I apologise in advance. It can be tough keeping up with a Gemini..